Emerge Colorado Board of Directors in support of Rep. Faith Winter


Friday, March 2nd, 2018

CONTACT: Norma Ruth Ryan, Board Chair at chair@emergeco.org

DENVER: As an organization that supports women, we at Emerge Colorado are disturbed to hear so many survivors of sexual abuse and harassment saying that the state capitol building no longer feels like a safe place for them to participate in democracy.  Survivors need to know they will be respected and secure. The expression, “hostile environment” has been used to describe a General Assembly that after months of investigations has produced little to no consequences for those found responsible in cases of sexual misconduct.

Sexual harassment prevention requires a culture of zero-tolerance from the top of an organization. As leaders in our state, if sexual harassment is tolerated at the capitol, it’s a message to other workplaces that this conduct is acceptable and that those reporting harassment will become even more victimized.

 Many of the courageous who have come forward- women and men- have consequently experienced harassment and intimidation as a result of giving voice to their victimization. These survivors need the legislature to act swiftly and responsibly. 

As our elected state government, the people are watching. The survivors of misconduct, harassment and assault are watching. Now is the time to say "times up.” We want the capitol building to be a safe place for all. 

Many legislators have given voice to concerns about workplace harassment. Now is the time for more than just empty words. We need strong action to change a long established culture that looked the other way. We ask you to remove those who have committed these acts.

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