Emerge Colorado: "Not a Celebration, but a Solemn Sense of Relief



DENVER -- In a historic resolution to expel a member, the Colorado House of Representatives voted in favor 52--9 of Steve Lebsock's removal. Lebsock, known best in recent months as the perpetrator of at least 11 known instances of sexual harassment, assault, and intimidation, is now a former state legislator from Thornton.
"This isn't cause for celebration, because feeling safe and heard isn't a festive occasion," said Norma Ruth Ryan, Interim Board Chair of Emerge Colorado, the state's premier campaign training organization for Democratic women. "Instead, we feel a solemn sense of relief that a known sexual predator will no longer roam the halls of the Capitol, endangering not just women but democracy itself. When women are scared and silenced, 'liberty and justice for all' is just not possible."
The Board of Directors at Emerge Colorado fully support the resolution and the women whose experience necessitated it, especially that of Representative Faith Winter, former Executive Director of Emerge Colorado.

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